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Homeless in Omaha and the Search for Stability

January 26, 2022

Dana Swope is one of many residents forced to leave an apartment complex in midtown deemed unlivable by the City of Omaha in late January 2022. Chris Bowling sat down with her in her former home on the third floor of the Flora apartments at 2557 Jones Street on January 25 to learn about how she ended up paying $700 a month in a cramped studio apartment with mold, no heat and mice. Unfortunately her story may not be that uncommon as many in Omaha pay too much for poor, substandard living arrangements as the city is short 80,000 affordable housing units.


See pictures of Dana and her apartment.


If you want to donate to organization serving those facing housing stability, we recommend:

Heartland Family Services


Metro Area Continuum Care for the Homeless


This podcast was produced by Chris Bowling. Music by Jon Rix (


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